Do not talk to me about the economy; I know it is in shambles.
Do not talk to me about politics; I know it is a hopeless cause.
Do not talk to me about Syria or the exchange rate of the USD.
Do not talk about the scams and the rapes and Asaram Bapus.
Do not talk about the floods or global warming and depleting resources; I know we are in trouble.

Talk to me about Toni Morrison and Beloved.
Talk to me about white clouds
and why we love them, on a clear blue sky.
Talk to me about the love we have never seen,
and about the future we aren’t sure about.
Talk to me about beautiful buildings
and about art that makes us cry.
Talk to me about the friends who aren’t here with us,
And all the silly things they did.
Talk to me about American muscle cars and Morocco,
and going on a road trip to just about anywhere.
Talk to me about coffee and cigarettes,
and about the forbidden alcohol in this state.
Talk to me about the Sea and all the beaches you have seen,
And argue about where the water is the bluest.
Talk to me about your dreams,
and about the songs you love.
Start talking…. and don’t ever stop.


Rambling… over a Beer

Do you think it’s strange? Wait. I don’t know what’s stranger. Me sitting in the bar, sipping my beer by myself, or me starting a post with a question. Anyways, here I am. In Berghoff Bar, a landmark historic bar, having a light Berghoff beer on tap. It’s actually really good, this beer. The kind that I like. Quiet light, effervescent and still gets you high, pretty fast. Cheers, I said, to myself.
Am I celebrating something? There are a lot of birthdays this week, but not of people I am particularly concerned about. So, what am I doing here? Probably trying to make the best of my last few days in this beautiful city, that am going to miss. Or just spending some good time with myself, getting high on a Friday afternoon. It is not even happy hours here, but it must be in a time zone two hours ahead of me. It is happy hour somewhere in the World, who cares.
Is my English okay, any typos here?? I guess there must be many errors but I have never been ashamed of making them, so why worry. The bartender is standing right here. Should I start a conversation with him or just continue writing. Ah forget it. I wouldn’t know what to say. I never actually do.
I actually don’t like petty conversations. Such a waste of time. I only prefer those which are intellectual, thought provoking, political, architecture related, critical etc. If not this, then better shut up. I can’t do normal talk. I don’t want to do normal talk.
I have always wondered, am I a people’s person or am I just faking it ???

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