Untied laces, among other things

I spent 7 hours on a fine, yet busy Sunday walking all over the city. And I am not exaggerating. All that time I had purposefully left the laces of my polka dot Converses untied. I never do the laces, unless I am told to. I like them loose and I never trip.
For seven long hours today, I noticed people staring at my shoes. Three out of thousands even complimented on my favorite shoes. But not a single person warned me that I could hurt myself with those undone laces. Is that strange, I wonder. Or is that just the normal distance that people maintain? We always warn our friends, classmates and accomplices if they made such a mistake.
But we don’t treat a passerby with the same care. I normally don’t, do you? I am not questioning our aloofness towards strangers. I am also not saying we should be warning every peraon that we see around us. But simple things like untied laces, foam on the moustache, open fly, broken bag zip etc are quiet non personal things you could warn a person about and save them the embarrassment or pain.
As I was wondering this, on the bus stop 10 min from home, a young, punk guy walked up to me and said, “Hey! Your laces are undone!” and he walked away. That’s all there was to it. It was so easy, yet only a single person said out loud, what others had only thought about. It made me smile thinking that there are people who care, just enough for this World to be a little better place to survive and hopefully they always will.


3 thoughts on “Untied laces, among other things

  1. Nice narration to it..
    For the issue I think you are right when you say all of us have become aloof to strangers.. We are so much involved into our own world that we dont give a damn about what’s actually happening around us, and don’t even want to spend our time to it.. That’s kind of disappointing but hey I do the same.. Help me out if you get an answer to it.!!

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