A life to and fro

Urban life is so tricky. A large part of it constitutes largely of self transportation within or to and from the city. Most of the people, who can afford it, own a car and drive 2-3 hrs daily, morning and night. But most of the population uses public transport, either because they are poor or environment conscious or just for the fun of it. Yes. Public transport is fun. Read your book, play some games, listen to music, chat with strangers or just watch people around you. It’s a live performance, a spectacle in the true sense.

Outside the window, is a beautiful World, waiting for you to notice (Chicago). In subways, the entire system is introvert, making people aware of their fellow passengers, which in turn gives birth to conversations ranging from weather to movies to family to politics (New York). Some stations are beautiful examples of architecture and an expression of the old monarchy (Moscow).  Some trains are yellow and green and canvases for public art (Berlin). Some places do not have station names in English everywhere, which leads to disoriented people like me getting lost but bumping into wonderful helpful people (Seoul).

But everywhere people are just people.Some people have grim expressions, some dancing to the tunes of their music, some humming, girls laughing, females bitching, muscisians performing, lost travellers, people in a hurry pushing through, couples kissing, kids smiling at everyone around and on and on.

Every day has a different moment, an experience you take back home. A valuable lesson learnt from people, whom you might never meet again. So many advantages while being a conscious citizen. An insight into the minds and manners of people of different societies. Whether fat, thin, tall, short, gay, straight, white, black or brown, there is room for all in that tiny vehicle and make some in your heart too.


2 thoughts on “A life to and fro

  1. Gifts of time as I like to call it. Love to travel by rail long distances instead of flights so dat I get to finish d buk I hav been intending to or d blod my friend has written…. 😉
    Nice one ishy.

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