Look behind… Bad karma might be following

Some days are just bad. Period. There is no denying that some days the rain is falling too hard, the car breaks down and your cell phone battery is dead, all at the same time.
Today was such a day. We woke up to a sad morning of saying goodbye to a dear friend. Then I sat down with my book and cup of coffee. Within seconds, with one swift movement, I managed to drop the entire cup on the carpet. Ruined a nice cream carpet. Scrubbed it for an hour, cried empty tears over it but nothing helped. Later, Khyato did the laundry at high temp and I did the dryer at high temp. Ruined comforters and t-shirts and bed sheets. So upset. So very very upset. We decided to beat the bad karma by going for a movie. Reached in time to find the tickets were all sold old. Went to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner, to find its over booked for the next hour. Now here we are, reading newspapers in Starbucks, feeling tired and hopeless.

We tried to find various reasons as to why it all happened to us in one day. Was it because Rids left, did Mozzie curse us for changing his place last night, or was it Nijs presence itself. We have no clue why bad luck befell upon us this lovely Saturday. But one thing I find very assuring, is that a day ends and a new one doesn’t carry bad karma into it. Tomorrow is another day, Tomorrow it will all go away, Tomorrow the Sun shall shine bright on us, Tomorrow it will all be good once again.


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