Just another day…

How does a day pass when we got all the time in the World. The day begins, with applying for some jobs, which are not being offered. A light lunch. Coffee and again coffee. Some grapes too to pass time. Finally, she comes along, wanting to watch something desi today. Anything that looks talks walks Indian is categorized desi. Netflix to the rescue. While Black Friday loads, a flirty chat with Mozzie is ensued. Boiled milk in Pumpkin spice coffee , poured and stirred. We settle into our soft butterfly chairs, black and teal respectively, with our Cornell coffee mugs, white and red respectively. Hot american pumpkin coffee and crisp desi sunfeast biscuit. A chill passed through. Pulled a double mattress over us, feeling snuggly. A lovely afternoon. Laughing over silly jokes, hilariously repeating some old ones. Staring at each other each time Netflix loads. Pee breaks. Ahh. Life’s calm. Life’s good.


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