A story I never thought I would tell…


Let me write this story like it never happened. There is no proof that it did, except it lies buried in the wild hearts of three friends. There is a disc with a few photos & videos, but that disc has long been lost. Anyways, back to the story. I never believed it was one to be passed on, in case it got jinxed.
You know how in movies they have characters, who have met only once or twice, to be separated for decades. Later, they search all over, to finally get united and alls well in the end. This story is very much of that sort, only we don’t know how it ends. So, let’s recall the day she decided to have an adventurous Sunday, as adventurous as it can get in a quiet yet interesting city of Kolhapur.
She biked to the shopping district and walked right into the most popular bookstore of KOP. I could go on and on about how she met the owner, discussed their common love for reading, he took her to coffee, gifted her a tulsi plant, introduced her to his human love, the third guy in this tale, and on and on.
But the important part of the tale was, in an attempt to say goodbye on her last day in town, those two took her out of town to a nearby hill station, a fort, Panhala. They sang songs along the way sitting on his car’s windows, danced for her on the fort walls, pretended to fly away in those strong winds, told her not to leave, did all crazy stuff from movies, taught her some beautiful lessons in love and life. They formed a bond that is supposed to last this lifetime and maybe the next.
The next day she left. They never met again, except for their irregular chats in the virtual World. But somehow that never mattered. They will always remain close to each other in a time and space that is incomprehensible. Just looking at sunsets can transport her back to that lovely evening, where she learnt that love has no boundaries, needs no explanations or character test and no need to spend more than an evening with complete strangers to emerge as best friends……. For Life.
P.S. Vishi and Niki, we shall meet…… Soon. Love always, Ishi.


2 thoughts on “A story I never thought I would tell…

  1. bond that we three of us share is truely amazing… I am still grappling for words to express my feelings .. Its very touching … Missss uuuuu aaaa llooooottttsssssss. Ishi… Will be meeting Us soon.. 🙂

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