There is NO one John Galt


I am going to give it to you straight – The age of the supreme hero is now past !! The Knight in the shining armor or a black suit is not coming. So now what ?? Who is going to save the Gotham city now??
Mankind has always been a hero worshiping organism. We wait centuries for a man to be born, who sweeps us from our feet, wages a war and sets us free.
But this concept was born before Occupy Wall Street happened. When 99% of the population share a common dream, then do we really need to wait for our hero ?? No. We fight. We revolt. This age is about the “We”. There is no singular hero you can pinpoint or give all credit to for the Middle East uprisings. The We toppled governments and dictatorships.
It is not uncommon to hear about when we laid our trust in one man and he destroyed our World. Literally. Dictators all over the World are the best examples of our misplaced trust, while in search of a hero.
The Rand philosophy was of such a time, when she promoted an age old theory to fight a rising evil called Capitalism. She created an image of the perfect hero through 4 novels and until today we are all waiting for him.
Who is John Galt today? What if the answer is that there is no ONE John Galt; He is but a superior self made up of ALL of us together. A little part of him is embedded in us as we fight for what’s right, for a better change, for a greater good.


One thought on “There is NO one John Galt

  1. There is no one John Galt… correct… he needs to be in all of us…. Rand’s writings were not primarily for projection of an ideal man (a hero)… They were for portrayal of a moral ideal…

    “99% of the population shares a common dream”… yes… and they always have… but one does not get what one demands (think of a world in which this becomes true… how many contradictions would there be…) One gets what one deserves through employing his own faculties… The day you remove all the Galts from this society… that would be the day the motor of this world would s.t.o.p

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