Yaari Teri chadhi…


“Chadi mujhe yaari Teri aisi, jaise daaru ho desi…”
Oh that song reminds me of you a lot. But then so does that other song “Yaariyaan” from the same movie. Such a love-hate relationship this is. One moment I could give you a peck on the cheek, the next we would be pulling each others hairs. It is liberating and choking at the same time.
We reach a time when we forget how it all started. But then what exactly do we want to recall; the day I realized you were the love of my life or the day I decided to stay away. Well the second part ain’t working too well even if I try hard. You tend to create dysfunctional friendships but I want to keep it simple. Apparently I never knew long distance friendship also requires so much work.
Boy. It’s true what they say about true friendships and the ups-downs you go through. All the screaming, nataks, tears, avoiding, fake smiles, other friends, no time excuses, etc etc so don’t feel worth all the trouble we go through to hurt the other. Those memories are always over powered by the ones about long car drives, partying, drinking, photography, laughing, on the streets of Europe running, always eating, etc etc. Such simple joys in life.
But there is always a constant fear that it could all go away. That all those happy times will never come again. It’s not a god damn cycle. It happened and now its over. Now on a different side of the Earth, I dream about a friend, who isn’t by my side and coming to pick me up in his car because its so hot outside. I dream about his smiling face and thorny beard and a skinny figure I always envied. I dream about our trips all over the World, figuring out whether to turn left or right, how to control the drunk females, shopping for high heels, and how we gonna get a drink/food each night.
Oh my my. I could keep going on and on about why I hate and LOVE my best man. But just one line I had previously written sums it all up
“You and me. And the English songs on my radio”


One thought on “Yaari Teri chadhi…

  1. I know nothing about..the love of your life.

    Why would you envy a smiling skinny figure with thorny beard – you’re skinny and almost always smiling – so its the beard then, ahh i see know.

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