Moving out… Moving in


Just a few months into this country and I realized how shifting base was an essential part of the bachelors life here. The young people are always on the move; from one city to another, one state to another. They just go wherever their heart/love, education or job takes them. They are not stuck to the ground they grew up on. They grab any opportunity that comes their way and pack their bags. I am surprised at how people do that.
My father has lived in the same house since he was 7. He has over the years built relationships around him in that city, which he values more than adventurous, exciting opportunities in life. I believe its a very cultural thing in India to stay true to your roots and land. It also has a lot to do with the fact that individualism is a higher virtue in the united states, unlike a more society oriented thinking in India. Each man is on his on, but not everywhere. Even the hippies migrate towards where the other hippies are.
Yea. Things are changing. But still, if you asked an Indian to pack his entire life in 2 suitcases and move to another city, he s going to freak out. Life on the constant move is difficult. Most people are not built for that. They get comfortable in one place and then end up making whatever sacrifices they can to make that work. Few of us, we can move out in a jiffy. We stop hoarding stuff, stop buying new things a lot because we know how much we can fit into those 2 bags. But we live off our memories, the experiences, we build like an Empire state building, touching the sky. We have a different story to tell each night to different strangers, who might go on to become your friends forever. And then when you come back from an another continent, you’ll always have their couch to crash on and cry in their shoulders. It’s your choice. You could either choose to have a wonderful family to go back home to every night or you could just make new families all over the World. This is what the IYE program taught me, that it ain’t tough to call someone else’s home as your home.
Oh I need to buy a boat. I would love to be that sailor, who is out at sea the whole day contemplating over her own life and thoughts. But gets down on a different port every night to drink and party with strangers and tell them a story they love to hear. The story of a lady who sailed away…


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